I had the chance to play around with Hololens a few weeks ago, and guys, it’s really really cool! I was asked to test if it could be used for short-range and extremely high-accuracy augmented reality, and it turned out that it may be not the right tool, but other than that specific context, the Hololens is an mazing see-through augmented reality device; just have a look to the two videos down here.

This first video was created with a demo provided by Microsoft that I tweaked a bit: I added a 3d model of a Lamborghini and placed it on the notebook: please notice the transparency of the glasses of the car and the bottom of the car (between the bottom of the car and the notebook): you can see through, wow! notice also the little paper fold on the corner of the notebook, so neat; notice that the first sphere hits the car and behaves accordingly; I also added a 3D sound of a sport car engine: if you have stereo speakers, you can hear the 3d effect of the sound swinging around when I turn left and right with my head; the whole magic is thanks to the spatial mapping reconstruction: that you can see the geometric triangulation of the environment reconstruction in the first part of the demo.

The second video was created to test the HoloLens with a complex CAD model; the framerate is a bit reduced (approx. 20fps), but spatial mapping is still reliable; the (nearby) clipping effect is a bit tedious, but that was my fault: the model was too big given the small room I was moving in; but I wanted to keep the model quite big to appreciate small details.