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Beginning: After more than a decade spent over computer vision and image processing in academia and industry, in 2011 Phd Giovanni Gualdi funded Computer Vision Consulting, a one-man consulting firm.

Evolution: Since then, Computer Vision Consulting grew significantly and served many local and international companies to transition from challenge to success: the one-man company evolved into Deep Vision Consulting, a solid consulting firm formed by a group of passionate and highly skilled Phds in computer science and engineering with strong experience in image processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Priority: At Deep Vision Consulting we have one priority: supporting our customers to reach their objectives, with the clear understanding that solutions are needed, not just cute technicalities.

Solid Experience: The large number of case studies and projects and publications (check our updated publication group profile) witness the real focus of Deep Vision Consulting over computer engineering and applied research.

Consistent updating and innovation: Deep Vision Consulting aims at maintaining the expertise always closely connected to the state of the art of scientific research, by investing resources in continuous updating and by keeping active connections with computer vision labs and research institutions. In the past few years Deep Vision Consulting has not ignored the surge of the deep learning era and year by year allocates an important portion of resources just over this specific topic, keeping consistently connected to current and promising trends.

Wide spectrum support: Deep Vision Consulting purposely established strategic partnerships within a network of professionals and companies that cover complementary fields in ICT, electronics and mechatronics, enabling the firm to offer a professional consultancy over a very wide spectrum of engineering.

Success for our customers: By purposely mixing applied research, latest scientific innovations and solid engineering experience, Deep Vision Consulting is witnessing an unprecedented growth of customers which achieve complete success over projects once considered unsolvable.