I am very proud of being the inventor and the developer of “Fast Marker Detection”, the algorithm behind the iRing (IK Multimedia), presented @ CES2014! There is much talk about it these days, for example

• Engadget: “iRing adds gesture-control capability to iOS music apps” (details here)

• CNet: “iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners who use music apps can control them now through a ring on their finger” (details here)

• Gizmodo: “allowing for complex and precise X/Y/Z positional and proximity tracking too” (details here)

• Mac Rumors: “IK Multimedia Debuts iRing, Gesture Controller for Apps” (details here)

• Hexus: “users control effects and other parameters of their iOS music apps by simply moving their hand” (details here)

• Corriere della Sera: “Cinque oggetti che ci hanno lasciato a bocca aperta“ (details here, Corriere della Sera, 9 Gennaio 2014)

• “iRing, un anello per farli ballare con i gesti” (dettagli qui)

iRing is the IK Multimedia plastic ring that exploits my Fast Marker Detection algorithm (details here): this is just a vertical exploitation; what about games and entertainment? human-machine interface? augmented reality? 


Click HERE to open the cool trailer from IK Multimedia and down here is a video clip recorded @ CES2014.