Invited Lecture at Bocconi

We are truly honored to have been invited to give a talk at Bocconi University on our work here at Deep Vision Consulting.

The lecture was held on November 19th, at the Bocconi Campus in Milan, as a seminar within the “Deep Learning for Computer Vision” course taught by prof. Grossetti, as part of “Data Science and Business Analytics” MSc program.

 As soon as we found out the lecture had to be about “How to be successful in Computer Vision with Deep Learning” we picked up the challenge and made that the title of our presentation! After all, being successful in computer vision with deep learning is a mission shared by every project we start here at Deep Vision Consulting.

The talk was split in “approach the problem first” and “solve the problem then”, held by Giovanni Gualdi and Francesco Solera, respectively. We faced the topic from a wide perspective, trying to be industry-agnostic and experience-focused, by highlighting they key questions a data scientist needs to ask himself and the most common mistakes that can lead a project to failure.

We believe this seminar provided the students with a great opportunity to mix classroom teaching and on-the-field experience. Beyond our beliefs, this was confirmed by the top-quality interactions we had with students during and after the lecture.

We left the students with a short but dense list of take home messages, which you can appreciate here.

Thanks to Prof. Grossetti and Prof. Rubera for the invitation and the kind hospitality.
We surely look forward on reiterating this adventure next year!