DVI – Defect Visual Inspection

At Farete 2022, the Confindustria show hold in Bologna, Italy on September 7th and 8th, 2022, Deep Vision Consulting had the pleasure and opportunity to live show DVI – Defect Visual Inspection, the proprietary anomaly detection software for the manufacturing industry. The main software features are:

  • find visual defects either on objects or surfaces
  • create the anomaly detection for your objects or surfaces anytime you want: just provide 20 images of your objects or surfaces without anomalies
  • running in real time on x86/x64 or ARM CPUs; AI accelerated devices are not necessary but can significantly speed up the processing;
  • currently AI accelerated boards supported: NXP IMX8 M Plus, Xilinx Ultrascale+ / Kria, Nvidia Jetson boards or any x86/ARM device with AI accelerator such as Hailo or Myriad;
  • trainable directly on board;
  • continuous improvement of the defect detection rate through feedback from operators

The demo video shows DVI at work on detecting defects on syringes. The defect detection model was created by using only 20 images of syringes without defects. As you can see, DVI detects both presence and position of the defects.