Play with LEGO bricks at Embedded World Expo 2022

Deep Vision Consulting will be present at Embedded World Exhibition 2022. How to find us? Well, visit Avnet Silica or Engicam booth and you will probably find us there, but let’s spoil it a bit what we’ll show there.

The video above is part of the tutorial by the name “A step-by-step tutorial from training to deployment of deep neural networks for computer vision on embedded devices with neural accelerators”. The title is quite clear about the content. 

What you see is the app that you will end up creating by following the tutorial in a step-by-step process. Currently it runs on the the neural accelerator of the NXP iMX8M Plus (NPU), or the Xilinx Kria (DPU): you need one or the other to complete the tutorial. In future we will probably extend it to devices of other producers.

The app is intentionally kept very simple for the sake of making all steps extremely understandable.

The complete source code will be available, upon registration, starting from next week.

If you come the Expo from June 21st to  23rd, and want to meet with us for any reason, drop an email at, tell us the reason for the interest and the time/dates when you will be at the Expo. We’ll do our best to arrange a meeting with you.