Best Pitch Award for Deep Vision Consulting at NVIDIA Inception Meetup

We are happy to share that Deep Vision Consulting recently got awarded for the best pitch at the first Italian NVIDIA Inception Meetup (Twitter and Facebook)!
The event was organized by NVIDIA Inception Program an hosted at AImageLab (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy) on July 8th.

Our pitch focused on No-Data Deep Learning, a proprietary technology that we developed starting in 2017 and that is now become a core asset of the company. In short, No-Data Deep Learning unleashes the well-known effectiveness of deep learning even when there is no way to get enough data to train it.

You will love No-Data Deep Learning if you would like DL to succeed where
— collecting data is connected to rare events (like illegal or dangerous events: think of bank security in banks or safety on workplaces); you may get some data, but it will be strongly unbalanced;
— collecting data is extremely costly, like interrupting/modifying the production lines (e.g. quality inspection), or blocking/modifying traffic (e.g. traffic analysis);
— there may be plenty of data, but not for you as you approach that market for the first time

The core of No-Data Deep Learning is the proper synthesis of images and data in general to train a deep learning model which eventually performs well on real data. In the pitch we wanted to communicate one simple idea: contrary to popular belief, deep learning is not limited by the data collection nor tagging costs – incredibly effective deep learning models can be obtained by using only synthetic data.

At the Inception Meetup, 9 startups took part in the competition and we were positively surprised by the strong quality level of the other pitches. Topics ranged from satellite image analysis for space missions, pest recognition on agricultural sites, automatic monitoring of highway bridges, autonomous driving technologies, advanced recommender systems in the fashion industry and aerial monitoring after natural disasters. It was interesting to see such a list of impactful ideas and well shaped teams wanting to push strong on Artificial Intelligence.

The jury, composed of members from NVIDIA, AImageLab and E4 liked the disruptiveness of No-Data Deep Learning the most and decided to grant the prize of the challenge (a Titan RTX!) to Deep Vision Consulting: we are totally honored of it and we will surely put the Titan to work very soon!

With Inception, NVIDIA supports startup in the AI industry by supplying discounted hardware, technological know-how and marketing solutions. Overall, the meetup was also a good way to network with the many italian AI companies referring to NVIDIA. We are very greatful to NVIDIA for such an opportunity!

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